Marine Carpet and Vinyl FAQ


Please see the Frequently Asked Questions from DS Greaves Inc below. Contact Us for more information and a free quote.

Marine Carpet FAQ for Yachts

What hours are you available for a quote?
DS Greaves is available from Monday through Saturday 8am to 5pm.

Where are DS Greaves marine services available?
DS Greaves has been to the Bahamas, all across the USA and elsewhere to provide marine carpet and floor coverings. Contact Us for more information.

Custom Inlay Design on Yacht
Custom Marine Carpet Inlay Design

Do you offer yacht classification fire and flame retardant service?
Yes, DS Greaves offers fire and flame retardant service for marine carpet before or after installation.

Does DS Greaves do marine flooring repairs?
Yes, DS Greaves does repairs to marine carpet that has been damaged by foot traffic, seam separation, flooding and other problem areas. Many times damaged carpet can be repaired. Contact Us for more information and an appointment to inspect the carpet.

Marine Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl Flooring for Long Lasting Use

Why a vinyl floor covering?
Today's vinyl is not your grandparents vinyl. Today's vinyl is tough and resistant for long term use and has many spectacular looks such as stone or wood that is amazing in appearance. Most popular is the traditional teak and holly sole for high traffic areas such as wheel houses, galleys and passage ways, etc.

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