Marine Carpet


DS Greaves Inc specializes in marine carpet installations for yachts. David Greaves and his team produce and install custom hand made carpet to match the interior design, a custom logo, or anything you want.

Marine Carpet Installation on a Yacht

Custom Hand Made Marine Carpet- any Size, any Shape, any Color, any Design!

With every custom hand made carpet there is great thought put into every detail by you and your designers. With choices of color, textures, and patterns, we will provide your design team with yarn samples for color and textures, samples of quality and patterns to get you started on your custom hand made carpet.

You are only limited to your Imagination

Custom Carpet Inlay Design
Custom Carpet Inlay Design

In the final stages of making your marine carpet, DS Greaves will provide a 24" X 24" sample of your choice of quality, color and pattern along with an artist drawing of how it will look in your room. Finally, a detailed template of the room will be made for production. When installed, you will have the most amazing carpet you have ever seen.

Marine Carpet Installed aboard Yacht

DS Greaves Inc will come to your yacht for a free measurement and quote in the south Florida area. You will be provided with a finished sample as part of the process of a custom hand made carpet installation.

We will install any carpet:

  • loose lay installations with fabric bound edges or surged edges,
  • non skid carpet backings applied to the carpet back to prevent slipping and to protect under the floor,
  • conventional tack strip and padding stretched installations,
  • hand carving of inlaid designs,
  • hand sewn seams,
  • stapleless upholstery of steps, hatches and walls.

DS Greaves has carpets available from most major manufacturers. DS Greaves has Wools, Nylons, Patterns, Berbers, Cut Piles and more to meet your every need.

DS Greaves Inc is a team of experienced professionals that protect your yacht at all times during the installation process. You cannot find a better or more qualified team for your flooring.

Contact Us for a free quote for marine carpet today.

Custom Handmade Wool Staircase Carpet
Custom Handmade Wool Staircase Carpet

Staircase Carpet Rendering
Staircase Carpet Rendering